How to Mix High and Low-End Home Décor

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You know that saying, champagne taste on a beer budget? All my life I have always gravitated towards things that are way out of my budget. So as a result, I’ve had to get creative and figure out ways to create a high end look without spending crazy amounts of money.

Lets face it; most people do not have budgets large enough to customize furnishings for every room in their home. There are ways to achieve a high end look without compromising your budget. The key to this is to know where to splurge. The most important aspect of mixing high end and low end home decor is to invest in one or two quality pieces. These pieces will help to elevate the other lower end items in a room. Unsure of how to create this look? Here’s how to make this combination work seamlessly.

Splurge on Statement Pieces

My rule of thumb is to spend money on quality furniture that you plan to have for at least 5 years. This would include items such as sofas, bedroom furniture, and dining sets. It’s important to take your time when selecting these items and to really feel that you love them! When I see a piece of furniture that catches my eye, I take photos, and then go home. If a week later I find myself thinking about the piece then I know this is usually worth the investment.

Fill in with Affordable Home Décor

Once you have selected your main furniture pieces, you can begin filling in with less expensive home décor. Items such as pillow covers, bedding and wall décor will likely change with the seasons. If you have lots of kids and three dogs like us, rugs don’t typically last very long! Stores such as Walmart, Target and Homegoods are great options for affordable home décor! Many of my favorite pieces come from these stores. The spaces below are perfect examples of mixing high and low-end home décor to achieve a curated look.

Runner | Wall Art | Artichokes

Shop Around

It pays to shop around! Many times I will see a rug that I love and after searching the internet, I will find the same rug (sometimes with a different name) for varying prices. Some of my favorite rugs are from Loloi and they are sold on many different websites. I can’t say enough great things about these rugs. They are so easy to maintain, they look stunning with various home décor styles, and they are very affordable! These are some of the Loloi rugs we’ve had in our home over the years.

Coffee Table | Lamp | Gallery Frames | Blue Bowl | Floral Pillow

Purchase Art for Download

Many times you can find digital art prints at small online shops for a fraction of the price of high-end framed art. Yes, you still need to print and frame the art but this option is by far the most affordable.

My favorite place to purchase digital art prints is on  They range in price starting from less than $1 per digital print and go up from there.  I think the most I have ever spent on a digital art print on Etsy is $10.

Once I have the digital file downloaded my next stop is, in my opinion this is the best place to print art. For these art prints I always choose giclee printing.

Next comes the framing. Frame It Easy is my “go to” for framing. Here, you can frame any piece of art by adding a custom frame. All of the art in the living room, including the gallery wall and the prints on the ledge, are framed by Frame It Easy. We are so happy with all of these pieces!

Get creative and have fun! The goal is to create a mix of high and low end décor items that will result in a more expensive look overall.

Bench | Rug | Top Wall Art | Bottom Wall Art | Tree