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Frequently Asked Questions

What color is your kitchen island?

Our kitchen island is called Maritime by Schrock Cabinets, but we had it color matched at Benjamin Moore. I fell in love with this shade of blue when we were shopping for cabinets but since our island is custom we had it spray painted. The exact formula is saved in my Instagram Highlights.

How do you mix high and low end home decor?

The key is to know where to splurge. I always invest in one or two quality pieces in each space. These pieces will help to elevate the other lower end items in the room.

Is being a Content Creator your only job?

At this moment, I am also a part-time nurse. I've been in nursing for 16 years and I love the flexibility and dependability of the field. However, my true passion is Interior Design. I love the creative outlet it provides!

Do you have photography recommendations?

Honestly, I've tried using a "real" camera, but I always go back to my iPhone. The newer phones have such amazing cameras and it's really all I need. I also use the Studio McGee presents in Lightroom which help to brighten the photos. A tripod and a stabilizer are two other pieces of equipment I use on a daily basis.