New Year, New Home: Refresh & Organize Your Space

The New Year is right around the corner, and there is no better time than now to refresh and organize your home! I love the feeling of relaxation and stress relief that comes with having a clean and orderly space, and I cannot wait to help you feel the same way!

Everyone has that one drawer in their kitchen that could use a little extra TLC, especially in the organization department. In my case, it was the miscellaneous utensil drawer that houses everything from baking whisks to grilling tongs and meat thermometers. I love that these bamboo drawer organizers are expandable, so I could find a “home” for every item.

There’s only so much your trusty vacuum can do, and sometimes you need that extra boost to truly get your space cleaned and refreshed. The rage that the BISSELL Little Green Machine created was well deserved because my carpets and upholstery look brand new!

The plastic baggy drawer. A chaotic jumble of loose bags, ripped cardboard containers, and multiple boxes of the size-sized baggy opened…no more! Never in a million years would I think a plastic bag organizer would make such a difference, but here we are. It is so easy to keep each size together, and know when certain sizes are running low and need to be added to the grocery list!

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