From Shore to Door: Coastal Home Decor Finds

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Who said you had to live by the beach to have coastal home decor? Coastal home decor captures the essence of the seaside while creating a light, airy, and relaxing atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way each and every day? Keep scrolling to see how you can use coastal colors, textures, wall art, and more in your home!

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Whether you are trying to achieve the coastal vibe or not, it’s important to begin any room styling with a base. Think of it like decorating a cake – you don’t put the sprinkles and candles on top before the icing, do you? To achieve the ‘coastal home look’, you’ll want your base to reflect a lot of whites, beiges, and grays. You can see the exact colors I chose for my home HERE.

coastal living room styling

Coffee Table | Rattan Tray | Candle | Faux Tree | Side Table | Shagreen Clock | Table Lamp | Blue Throw Blanket | Similar Throw Pillow | Similar Throw Pillow | Sofa | Floral Throw Pillow | Throw Blanket

Once you have chosen your base color, it’s time to start adding more traditional coastal colors (think blues and greens). Personally, I love using different shades of blue, especially when it comes to bedding. The fun part about adding these pops of color is that you can opt for different patterns, as well. Having several different shades of blue and patterned throw pillows catches the eye without being too overwhelming! Remember, coastal home decor is about capturing the light, airy, and relaxing essence – not overcrowding the space with furniture, colors or patterns.

PRO TIP: use faux trees and plants in different shapes and sizes to incorporate the color green into your coastal space.

wall art finds

Frames | Coastal Prints | Gold Frames

Using coastal themed prints and paintings is a great way to ‘bring the beach home’! I love looking at blank walls as empty canvases. You would be surprised by how much personality and charm you can add to a space by simply decorating the walls!

Floral Wall Art | Coastal Wall Art | Shaker Bench | Throw Pillow | Throw Blanket | Faux Tree | Basket

Coastal scenes come in all shapes and sizes which is perfect for achieving a laid-back feel! Using different shaped wall art can also become the focal point of a space. This hallway nook features board and batten walls, a beautiful bench with neutral decor but where does your eye go first? The gorgeous coastal wall art right in the center of it all!

Picture Light | Coastal Wall Art | Faux Florals | Weathered Vase | Similar Corner Table

Here is a great example of wall art serving as a backdrop and not necessarily as the focal point. This coastal nook features a wooden corner table, a weathered vase, and beautiful faux florals. It’s important to remember which materials to focus on and incorporate throughout your home. Coastal home decor features a lot of wood, rattan, wicker, and bamboo. Each of these elements add warmth and texture to the space!

PRO TIP: visit your local antique shop – their unique furniture selection may surprise you!

coastal bedroom decor

Night Stand | Wall Art | Bed Frame | Euro Pillows | Similar Floral Throw Pillow | Quilt | Bedding

Coastal bedroom decor isn’t limited to the colors you use, it’s about the fabrics and textures, too! Opt for light and breezy fabric such as cotton or linen. Not only does this enhance the ‘airy’ feel but it’s also much more practical, especially during the warmer months. Quilts are an amazing piece to include in your coastal bedding ensemble. They can add texture and warmth to a space without being too heavy!

cozy coastal corner

Area Rug | Dresser | Wall Art | Table Lamp | Curtain Rod | Linen Drapes | Coastal Wall Art | Faux Tree | Accent Chair | Throw Pillow | Throw Blanket

This cozy coastal corner checks all of the boxes! From a neutral accent chair, to a textured blanket, and a tall faux tree — it’s all here. This space also features coastal wall art AND light and airy linen drapes. This is the perfect spot to cozy up with a good book and pretend you are relaxing in your beach house!

outdoor patio styling

Similar Planter | Similar Outdoor Seating | Outdoor Throw Pillow | Similar Accent Table | Outdoor Rug | Patio Umbrella

I have shopped around for the perfect coastal outdoor pieces and let me tell you… it wasn’t easy! I opted for a coastal blue umbrella and a similarly colored throw blanket. The wicker chairs have the perfect coastal feel. We spend a lot of time outside when it starts to warm up and I wanted it to feel as coastal outside as it does inside my home!

To see my latest spring front porch styling, click HERE.

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