How to Choose Wall Art for Your Space

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Choosing art for your home doesn’t always come naturally. For some, it may even be the most challenging part of tying a room together.  You may wonder how to choose the right size of art or how to incorporate colors from your home into art pieces.  This can feel overwhelming and make it very confusing on where to begin. But, once you have the right inspiration and vision of what to do, it can transform your home in some of the best ways!

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Consider viewing your walls as a blank canvas. It’s a great way to showcase your personality! Art is a reflection of your taste. It exists to remind us where we’ve been, and what we love, and it reflects the beauty we are drawn to. Though decorating walls in a home can quickly seem like an overwhelming task, it can become a way to define your personal style.

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One of the main things to consider when decorating your walls is the amount of wall space you have available. If you have a larger wall to fill or want one statement piece to anchor your space, look for large-scale art. These pieces have the potential to make a really big impact on a space. Another creative and visually appealing way to decorate is creating a gallery wall. It showcases multiple pieces of art of any size and add a personal touch to your space. This can be a great way to add dimension and features to a room!

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Don’t forget to use what you have when decorating your home! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repurposed or reused an item in a different way than I intended to, especially when decorating with wall art. One of the ways to do this is by swapping out old frames with new images to create a whole new look. It’s very easy, affordable, and makes a big difference in your home!

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Another thing to consider is the colors that are already living within the rooms you are trying to add to. It can be very easy to put decoration into a room that clashes with other objects which can hurt the overall aesthetic. This is why I like to stick to neutrals with slight pops of color such as gold frames or greenery-filled images. It makes it easy to notice the details of my rooms, but isn’t too distracting that it sticks out in a negative way.

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The biggest thing to remember when picking out wall art that fits is to trust your instincts. It is something that is in your control that represents your taste! There isn’t a set formula for grouping art together, so enjoy the process of trying something new in your space!

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